What people are saying 

 What people 
 are saying 

I work for a mainstream media company and attend film school, but 60% of the things I apply in my work I’ve learned from your teaching.


– Kieran

Since completing the AOD course I have directed/edited two documentary films that have propelled my career forward in a very exciting direction.


– Jonny

Joining the AOD community has genuinely been the best decision for my progress in filmmaking!


– Alvin

I’ve learned so much in such a short space of time and I think that’s hugely due to being taught by people who are actually doing what they’re teaching at such a high level.


– Jordan

You can tell the course is designed to actually help people in the field and not just make a quick buck. I’d say the aftercare and the private Facebook group is an under-looked part of the package. It’s really awesome and a brilliant place to connect and get inspiration.


– Luke

The value of the course is crazy!! Because of AOD after 3 months I was able to start shooting my first Documentary.


– Gerd

I did film school in Spain and I learned more in the first 12 lessons of module 1 than in 4 years of my degree :’).


– Juan

AOD helped me unlock stored-up potential I didn’t know I had. I went from creating an average £600 film for a client in three days to £6,000


– Harry

Got my first big documentary with a 50k budget this year. All thanks to AOD.


– Paul

AOD is hands down one of the best investments. I have made some of my best films since joining AOD.


– Mateen

The knowledge of module 1 has made a night and day difference in my work.


– Luke

Worth every penny! Life-changing content.


– Ken

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